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Just ordered second month of hyclo repair & replenish, has really helped calm my skin, need to use for longer to see if helps keep breakouts at bay but so far so good!

Has helped my skin! Works quickly

Excellent start

Within the first week of using the repair gel I have noticed visible benefits. Redness has considerably decreased and my skin looks healthier already. Definitely recommend

Great Product

I have only been using the serum and moisturiser for the last four days and I must say that I am very pleased with the results so far. Great Product, would highly recommend them both!🙌

So far so good but no major effects

Doesn't dry the skin out, and overall seems to be OK with my sensitive skin. Haven't seen a major improvement in my breakouts around the chin but hasn't gotten worse either and I am on day 6. The dispenser can see some improvement as sometimes the pump doesn't get any product out and takes a few tries. I really do hope this works!!!

Unboxed Case Study - Repair and Replenish
Kristen Brooks
Not bad

I have eczema. However, I’m currently going through Topical Steroid Withdrawal. Unfortunately, TSW skin is very sensitive to everything, including any kind of moisturizer. I liked the Hyclo Skin gel, but the lotion tended to make my skin itch. The gel soothed my skin, but if I used it more than twice a day, my skin would become more sensitive and itchy. I will be trying this product again in the future when my TSW symptoms have reduced. I would (and have) recommend the product for non-TSW skin.

Unboxed Case Study - Repair and Replenish
Skin savior!

I had textured skin across my cheeks with a variety of whiteheads and papules that were painful. After a week of using hyclo skin products the acne across my cheeks largely cleared up (with some hormonal acne still on my chin). Although I still have post-acne marks hyclo skin has worked a miracle in clearing the majority of my bacterial acne in such a short time.

Hyclo feedback

I've found the Hyclo repair treatment gel to benefit skin healing, it has a very calming effect on my post-acne inflamed skin, however it hasn't been able to control my hormonal acne breakouts from happening. The replenish moisturiser has a lovely non-greasy formulation, and is easily absorbed

Unboxed Case Study - Repair and Replenish
Alison Moir
Great stuff

My skin is so much clearer,less redness and smoother skin highly recommend

No difference

I have been using this product that I had high hopes for religiously 3 times a day for the past 2 weeks and I have noticed absolutely no results.
Will keep persevering until the end of the bottle but if there are still no changes then I won’t be repurchasing.

Hyclo Skin Repair

Great product, beneficial for healing, unfortunately not strong enough to control outbreaks of my hormonal acne though


I actually love these products, doesnt break me out and has helped with any redness and reduces spots quickly

My skin has a new lease of life

Repair is amazing! I started to suffer from rosacea when my peri-menopause symptoms started. I’ve tried medicated creams from my GP and well known skin care brands as part of my routine. Nothing has worked as well as Hyclo to get my breakouts under control!

Great product!

What an amazing product. I bought it originally to improve my skin tone and general brightening, which it did in spades. I also was told it was great for skin irritations, bites and sunburn. I can confirm it was my best freind on holiday for the whole family. Thank you for creating such an innovative product!

Amazing Results

Hyclo is a miracle product, I had a rash on my face and underneath hairline. Used the product for a few days and rash disappeared. Great product that I take with me everywhere.

Great results ! 5 Stars !

We have just started using the repair treatment gel and already it has produced amazing results on blemishes and dry skin and just generally seems to replenish . Would recommend 100% for all the family .

Outstanding Results

I've suffered with acne all my life and nothing has worked as fast and effectively as Hyclo has. Within a few days, my skin was improving and I started feeling confident again. I also started using Repair on my eczema and it's helped soothe the itch and helped to prevent further breakouts. I will definitely incorporate this in daily skin care routine :)

Nourishing, hydrating, super soft

This moisturiser has become part of my daily routine - after washing my face in a morning and before makeup (it leaves a great, hydrated base) and after washing my face in the evening.

I feel *clean* after using this moisturiser and like I'm glowing, it's like having a facial at the spa without the hefty price tag.

I've been using this moisturiser for around a month and whilst I haven't seen much of an impact on my acne, I do feel better and my skin feels lovely after using Hyclo.

A visible difference and confidence boost

For ages my jawline felt like ingrowing hairs, stubble, pimples and lumpy. I don’t suppose anyone could see but I knew it was there. I exfoliated and waxed but it didn’t make a blind bit of difference. I used Hyclo on my troublesome chin and it’s cleared up. My teenage daughter’s skin is also so much better. It’s reassuring to find a routine that works on both skin and confidence.

Miracle Product

I bought this product for my son (age 15) as he had terrible acne breakouts along his forehead and hairline. After only 3 days the redness had reduced dramatically and after a week his skin was smooth & clear. Will definitely be recommending this product to other mom's to help their teenagers with their acne prone skin. 5 Stars!

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Andrew Mchardy
Truly impressive results

My experience using Hyclo Skin! The results were truly impressive. My skin feels much smoother and more radiant after using their products. The packaging was elegant and the instructions were easy to follow. I also noticed a reduction in blemishes and overall improvement in my skin's texture. I'm thrilled with the outcome and would definitely recommend Hyclo Skin to others looking for effective skincare solutions.

Amazing product

Nothing has worked for my acne until i tried the Repair treatment gel. Would highly recommend

Rosacea Sufferer

Repair has changed the texture of my skin. All the Rosacea has gone and I am left with smoothe and radiant skin. I cannot recommend these products enough! Thank you Hyclo Skin!

Unboxed Case Study - Repair and Replenish
My new skin care routine

I love the consistency and mildness, the scent and how it felt on my skin!